Plantagenet Kings 1154-1485

The House of Plantagenet
The Angevins 1154-1216 ➔ Henry II, Richard I and John
The Plantagenets 1216-1399 ➔ Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III and Richard II  
The House of Lancaster 1399-1461 ➔ Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI
The House of York 1461-1485 ➔ Edward IV and Richard III

The rivalry between the House of Plantagenet’s two cadet branches of York and Lancaster brought about the Wars of the Roses, a decades-long fight for the English succession, culminating in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, when the reign of the Plantagenets and the English Middle Ages both met their end with the death of King Richard III. Henry VII, of Lancastrian descent, became king of England; five months later, he married Elizabeth of York, thus ending the Wars of the Roses, and giving rise to the Tudor dynasty

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